To The Nights We'll Never Remember, With People We'll Never Forget

In the world of Tenacious D - This is just a tribute. 

It goes without saying that travelling provides you with more happiness and amazing experiences than you can find the words to describe, but it’s the people you meet along the way that change you. 

You meet them in the most random of places, and they leave an imprint on your soul and stay in your heart forever. 

I didn’t believe I would meet someone on this journey that would become my best friend - I had it last time I travelled too - that one person that you laugh with, cry with and become soul sisters faster than the speed of light. 

What’s that Carrie Bradshaw Quote? Maybe our friends are our soulmates, and guys are just people we have fun with.

Maybe this is the truth, because sometimes we’re blessed to find a friend thats loves every part of us, and ultimately grow our confidence because they take you for who you are, exactly as you are and never wish you to be anything different. 

I met Abi on my second night in Bali and we’ve stuck together ever since. For almost three months we’ve laughed everyday, shared drinks and hangovers, love and sunsets, and gained one of the most incredible gifts in this life - a soul sister. 

It’s funny to be so sad by someone leaving, even when you know you’ll see them in 3 months time, but it still breaks your heart for a little while. The thing about heartache is it comes after happiness and love, so I’ll the sadness that comes with goodbyes if I get to live, love and laugh like I have this last three months. 

Here’s to new adventures, new friends and new experiences, and always remember…

It’s never goodbye, just See You Soon… 

Abi Mac, This ones for you gal!

Hati Hati!!