Love Hard - Even Just For A Day

Yesterday I had my heart broken, not by a guy or any other person, but by a tiny little kitten I chose to name Harmoni.

This beautiful soul was found by my friend Kelly, and as she couldn’t stay in her guest house I took her in for the day and set about my mission to find her a forever home. And you know me, the exactly what I did.

Someone reached out who wanted to trial her in her home, the thing is she had another cat she was watching for her landlady and wanted to make sure both cats would be happy before committing full time. This lady was a passionate cat momma, and when the time came to say good bye to my kitty I was confident I’d found her a good home. 

The devastating part of this blog comes after she called me later that evening. The kitten and cat were getting to know each other, and all seemed fine when the older cat went for Harmoni faster than anyone could have expected. Despite being rush to the vets, the beauty didn’t make it. I was heartbroken, I literally sobbed for the sadness that this poor little kitten had been destined for a short life all along. 

The truth is - or so I’m choosing to believe in order to make sense of such a tragic message from the universe - this kitten would never have survived if Kelly hadn’t found her, and despite the thoughts of “what if” bouncing round my mind, we chose to give this baby as much love as we both had, she slept on our shoulders, purred with us and gave so much love back. She had beautiful personality and I’m finding hard to get over the idea that I should have done better for her.

But I couldn’t have know. No one could have anticipated or even stopped this cat, there were 3 grown adults around to protect her, but her fate was met all the same. 

As a writer, I’m choosing to write this post to try make sense of this situation as all natural born writers do. But the truth is the universe is much bigger than you or I, and the animal instincts are far greater than the power we have over them. 

The message I’m taking from this heartbreaking turn of events is this:

Love hard, love more, love the big and the little, love for a long time or for a short time. But whatever you do, love. 

It’s a bitter pill to swallow that maybe I could have served this soul better, but I loved for for a day and maybe that is all I was meant to do.