The Top 4 Fears That Are Stopping You From Living Your Dreams - And How To Crush Them!

We all have them right? Thank nagging voice in the back of our minds that convince us we can’t or shouldn’t be doing something. Well, what if I told you it’s bullshit? Because, well, it is!

Our fears are a limiting belief within us often stemming from some kind of traumatic experience when we were younger. We might not even realise where it started! But if we can identify the fear, we can find the limiting belief and destroy it! So, here are the top 4 fears that are stopping you from living your dreams, and some tips on how to get rid of them for good!

Fear of What People May Think

Judgement is a powerful tool, and while we can work on not judging others as much as we can, the fear that others may judge us can be paralysing when it comes to chasing our goals.

They say we’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, so take a look around. If the people around you aren’t encouraging to do and be better then it might be time to change things up.

It’s also wise to remember that people can only come to you from their own level of conscious, so if someone suggests you might fail or offers any other negative comment about your business or dreams, believe me when I tell you that this is a fear within THEM that they’re simply directing at you.

Level up your social circle to those who motivate and inspire you for a fast-track way to increasing your confidence and your personal growth.

Releasing judgement takes time, so be gentle with yourself while you’re working through the process of letting go of these negative ties and blossoming into the amazing entrepreneur you’re aiming to be!

Fear of Failure

What if I told you that failure is a fraud. There's no such thing. Failing is a mindset, and a shitty one at that! You CHOOSE to view set backs as failure or as a lesson.

You can let your experiences define you or grow you.

We all have some kind of fear of failure, but ask yourself… what is the WORST case scenario should this not succeed? Write it down, journal on why you might feel this way and see what comes up. Most of our limiting beliefs were developed as children, and if we can get to the route of this then we can certainly find a way to heal this fear. Were you raised by highly pressuring parents, were you raised by people who let you do your own thing, what was your schooling like, who are you comparing yourself to? All of these things can help us identify where this fear of failure might come from and ultimately allow us to release it.

Once you’ve figured out your worst case scenario, let it go. Often it’s not as bad as the feeling of fear! And seeing our fears written down makes it possible to physically and emotionally erase them and find what can allow us to do that.

Now you’ve written down the worst case scenario should you 'fail' in this business... Now write down 2 actions you can take that could change this failure mindset, which will make your failure a lesson and keep you pushing through your business.

Some of the most successful people we know and admire faced hundreds or thousands of setbacks and they never considered themselves a failure... neither should you!!

Often the fear of failure is based on other people’s opinions (see above), financial worries (it’s time to focus on your money mindset - consider reading and studying Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill), the sacrifices it will take (remember 6 months of dedication and focus can give you 5 years of amazing results) and many other deep seeded beliefs - once we identify them we can find a way to heal them, whatever they are!

Fear of Not Being Good Enough

Textbook, belief system failure right? Your belief system is just that.. It’s BS.

So what are those words and phrases that are cropping up in your mind right now?

I’m not good enough to do this

I don’t have enough experience

No one will buy from me

Who am I to do this?

I’ve never worked online before

I’ve never had a business before

There are already so many people who do what I do

I’ve heard this with literally every client I’ve had. So believe me when I say this is textbook… but that means people have overcome these limiting beliefs - including myself - so it goes without saying that you can recreate this success and erase these doubts from your own mind.

In this instance, I advise writing a list like this:

Fears/Limiting Beliefs Facts/Evidence/Experience

I am not good enough I have a degree in….

I’ve never worked online before I have skills on photoshop

I am a great listener

So maybe the fears above don’t relate to you, or maybe they do, either way create your own table and fill it with every single bit of experience you can think of, every fact that shows you you can do this, and every qualification you’ve ever received whether it’s in this industry or not, because I can guarantee there will be some kind of skills you’ve learned from it that will help you here or are transferable!

Embark on a self-development journey, turn your attention inwards to yourself. Show yourself some self-love and commit to learning all about yourself; your beliefs and where they come from. your self-worth and self-belief. read books, surround yourself with those who remind you of your greatness. Create positive affirmations and repeat them daily. and always remember that the best way to create your own greatness is to be true to it, follow yourself every day and discover everything you love and eliminate what you don't. You don't have to live in fear of someone else. This is your life to shape.

Fear of Investment

Ah my favourite - the money mindset. The fear that you don’t want to spend money on your development. 4 months ago a woman asked me for coffee to talk about how she wanted to create an online business - at the time I had a £150 offer for a BETA group running - incidentally I’ve just launched another BETA group for an online course and she has messaged me again with the exact same money problems. The truth is, if we don’t deal with the internal crap surrounding our finances, we will NEVER get out of the limiting self belief that we don’t have enough to invest. And how do we do that? Ironically, we invest. We invest our time into personal development, reading books, watching webinars and ted talks, listening to podcasts because we have to shift our mindset! We invest our time into doing the practices that those who succeeded before us advise us to do, because guess what? They had the exact same fears once too! We invest our energies into our growth, and we sacrifice that which doesn’t serve our highest goal. And yes, of course we invest our money, whether it be in books or in a coach, in a therapist or an online course, whatever it takes to take us to the next level and demolish those beliefs for good is what’s necessary to succeed. It’s the hard and fast truth of it.

Challenging our belief system, or even just identifying where these beliefs come from is tough, no one said the journey of self improvement was going to be easy, but I can assure you it’s going to be worth it! Think about your fears, now imagine a life without them… you can start now!