Harmony Day - Australia 2019

Every year on March 21st, Australia celebrates Harmony Day, and as you all know Harmony is how I live my life so it wouldn’t be right not to discuss a day dedicated to just that!

“The continuing message of Harmony Day is 'Everyone Belongs'. It is about community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and belonging.” - Wikipedia

It’s hard for me to imagine this day in age that people might not feel like they belong, that racial indifference is still active, or that people are still treated differently based upon their cultural upbringing.
I’ve dedicated my life to living in harmony, to seeing the world and connecting with as many different cultures as I can: I want to learn about the world, and live in harmony with all nations, so it gets me to thinking why things are so different for other people.

We live in a world where countries are turning away people at their borders for trying to escape the oppression of their own countries; where people (I’m looking at you Donald) would rather build a wall than embrace our brothers and sisters; where people are being hurt and killed in their place of worship and others respond with ‘this wouldn’t happen if we didn’t let them in’. I mean… WTF right?!

This has become a world that is oblivious to the collective, that has no idea that when you harm someone else, you’re harming yourself! Skin colour, belief systems, religions cannot and will not stop you from being connected to every person on this planet, and I for one will always support a universe where we can live in Harmony today and celebrate our differences as a multicultural society.

I want to learn from those with a different background to my own, I want to hear about your history and your traditions, I want to celebrate with you on your days of joy and I want the world to feel that with me!

Australia, I already love you, but I take my hats of you today of all days and celebrate this day of Harmony with you!

From myself and all at The Harmony Army… Happy Harmony Day!