Top 6 Food Places In Canggu

It’s no secret that Canggu has my soul. It’s true, spending 8 months in love with the place and basically eating my around the area, I feel fairly confident in my choices for this post. If you’re looking to go to Canggu or even if you’re a seasoned expert, you HAVE to try these to line your stomach and here’s my menu recommendations for good measure too.

Crate Cafe - This wouldn’t be a Canggu food blog without mentioning this place. Sure the queues can be long, but one sip of a Pashpop and you already know it’s totally worth it.

The portions are well priced and well sized! Located on Batu Bolong, it’s no wonder this place is permanently packed!

My fave to drink: Pash Pop

My fave to eat: The Melville

Kynd - I’m kynd (HA) of cheating here since Kynd is technically in Seminyak, but I feel it still counts and just a 10 minute scooter ride from Berawa. Known for its instagrammable backdrops (see below) and it’s exclusively ‘plant based’ menu, it’s an absolute must visit for anyone heading to Canggu - especially if you’re a veggie!
My fave to drink: Golden Hour Juice

My fave to eat: Gourmet Toast (specifically the ‘Nelson’ and the ‘Ghandi’).

Motion - motion motion motion, where would Elin and I be without our go to ‘Fit & Slim II’ Breakfast Omelette. This is where we go when we’re needing a health kick that tastes as good as it feels, and has the perfect Iced Latte to match. Another Batu Bolong beauty, motion is easily accessible and located right by the entrance to the short cut (for those of you who haven’t been yet, check out this infamous road built by the hands of the locals, it’s definitely one of a kind and has lots of stories to be told!).

My fave to drink: Iced Latte w. Coconut Milk

My fave to eat: Fit & Slim II

Milk & Madu - One of my ALL time favourites in the heart of Berawa - just a 3 minute scooter ride from Finns Beach Club - so much so that this is where I insisted on having my birthday breakfasts. While I used to be OBSESSED with their Avo on toast (The Madu as they so fabulous call it) I am now a firm support of the goat cheese Skillet Eggs, and I honestly dream about them!

My fave to drink: Cappuccino w. Coconut milk (if you download the GuGuide app you’ll get this for free! - CLICK HERE)

My fave to eat: Skillet Eggs - Goat Cheese

Kembali - I almost forgot to add this venue to the list with it being just outside of Canggu in Umalas but it would have been so wrong to miss it off. This hidden gem really hits every spot you can imagine, and I cannot get enough of their granitas! The food is excellent, the staff are wonderful and the drinks are divine. It’s worth the short trip that’s for sure!

My fave to drink: Pineapple Granita

My fave to eat: Poke Bowl

Mad Pops - Oh my madpops, I don’t know what I love more, the classic ‘lick me til ice cream’ sign on the window, the excellent light up phrases adorning the walls, or the coconut milk based ice cream laced with milk chocolate that sets for the most delicious treat on a cold day!

With flavours varying from ‘coconut vanilla’ all the way up to ‘bintang’, it’s a sure way for you to cool town, take awesome insta shots and live your best life in Canggu!

My fave to order: Coconut Vanilla w. Melted Milk Chocolate

Writing this post has shown me how badly I need to follow up this post with a ‘part 2’! and definitely given me some Canggu food cravings. Let me know your favourite places to eat in Canggu and if you’ve tried anything off the menu’s above!

Enjoy Bali <3