Here’s the thing about life, love and business:

It’s all connected, this is not the sisterhood of the travelling pants, one size does not fit all.

And that’s great, I’m flexible AF when it comes to life, business and yoga poses - although I could improve on the latter.

That’s what’s so refreshing about the The Harmony Army approach, it’s a combination of spiritual practice, mindset strategies and badass career moves that lead us into this dream life we’ve been waiting to live!

You’ve got your super powers, I’ve got mine! It’s that inner magic that makes us such powerful souls in this world and it’s our job to share it.

We go through life doing as we’re told, or if you’re anything like me, you’ll rebel relentlessly to fit the mould, and when you try to, you become more bent out of shape than ever. That’s where the true connection to self is necessary for our growth and on the impact we have on the people around us.

There comes a point where the universe says ‘no more!’ and we can’t live in the life that society created for us, the life we’ve tried so desperately to create but we know just isn’t working. 

So what do we do?

We reconnect, we re-align and we get back in touch with who we truly are.

We ask for guidance and we learn to trust our intuition.

It’s time to CHOOSE the life we want, and decide to go for it with determination and passion.

Before your eyes roll to the back of your head and say ‘if only it we’re that easy’ hear me out, it’s not that easy. I’m not here to lie to you or sugar coat this part of your journey, it’s going to take stepping into ourselves, identifying what’s been holding us back for months, years and maybe even centuries!

We’ve got to dig deep and we’ve got to do it for the right reasons. 

For love and not fear.

I believe it’s our birth-right to choose the life we desire to live, and we have the freedom of choice to do so.

It’s time to shift your energies from fear to love and step into the flow of the universe in order to reclaim your power and step into the manifesting magical life that is waiting for you. 


Since stepping into my own journey of reclamation, I have inspired the lives of hundreds of powerful souls and it’s my mission to help as many as possible. 

Whether you’re stepping into your spiritual journey or an entrepreneurial one, I’m here to guide you to the next level of growth. 

After finding myself at rock bottom a few years ago, I made it my mission to transform my life and find the balance I now help so many people achieve themselves and in March 2018 it all came to head when I was forced to give up my business to support my health. 

It was there and then that I made the decision to help as many people as possible to step into the highest version of themselves, to dive deep into their own self discovery and re-balance the areas of their life that are holding them back. 

I’m here to help you too, from a place of love and understanding how tough it can be wading through that sea of stress and negativity. I’m here to tell you, you can do it, and most importantly I’m here to support you every step of the way <3 


Group coaching allows for deep diving transformations, powerful shifts and wild success when it comes to turning your dreams into reality while being part of a sisterhood that have each others back, offer support and sharing the journey with you.

Self love = Success Coaching isn’t just about how to make thousands of dollars, sure, that’s a dream too, but this is about the impact I’ve already created helping women to live their best life - cliche or not, and how you can have it too.

This is about teaching you how to release your boundaries, heal your trauma and live YOUR life on YOUR terms. 

I’ve coached salon owners into growing their clientele with dream clients, I’ve coached Property developers into believing in themselves and going from no houses to being part of huge projects, getting an office and scaling their business, I’ve coached coaches and VA’s how to let go of their toxic trauma and charge their worth!

Working together, you will get to experience first hand my exclusive combination method of spiritual and intuitive awareness, self compassion and understanding, and actionable techniques to help you leap into your new life, leaving behind the fear as you go!

Imagine what you could do if you had the power to do anything you dreamed of?

Well, you do. And I’m guiding you to achieve radical self-love, internal confidence that radiates, clarity for your future and the peace of mind to enjoy the process. 



Out with the BS and in with the confidence. No more second guessing, no fancy and complicated formulas, no more doing this alone, just me, you and a personal tribe of women who are ready to transform their lives and create that dream your souls is here to create. 


  • Over the course of 120-days, you'll receive 12 1-hour group sessions and ONE 90-minute Private Deep Dive Discovery session where we’ll get to know each other on an intimate level and explore your strengths, talents, blocks, and fears that hold you back. Don’t worry, if you miss any of the sessions you will be able to watch the recording which you’ll receive in your email weekly! worth £3,000

  • Self Love = Success Workbook specifically crafted to help you get clarity on what you want to accomplish in the next 120 days and beyond – so that our time together is clear + focused on getting you the results you desire. worth £25

  • You’ll receive Soul-Work after each session that will help you to implement the changes and hold you accountable to your commitments.

  • Unlimited Email & Voice Messaging – Feel free to shoot me questions, ideas, or anything else you need support with during our time together.

  • In magical fashion we will end each coaching call with a tarot reading to provide clarity and insight for your next steps. worth £120

  • We'll dive deeper into your astrology and the cycles of the moon to gain insight on your soul's purpose.

  • Who doesn't love surprises? You’ll receive surprise goodies to enhance your experience and inspire you to reach your goals and stay committed to your dreams. worth over £1,000

  • Access to my online course Harmony Hustle Academy - worth £497

  • Weekly meditation practice.

  • Structured modules catered to the different levels.

  • Exclusive community for members.

  • Personalised reviews and feedback.

  • Discounts for live retreats (coming soon!)

This is for you if:

  • You feel a soul calling to share your incredible and creative gifts with the world and make an income while making an impact!

  • You're ready to to cultivate unshakable confidence and courage and kiss goodbye to fear and self doubt!

  • You want to be held accountable to take the action required to turn your dreams into reality!

  • You are coachable!

  • You're ready to say goodbye to fear, doubt, and negative self-talk!

  • You're ready for a radical self-love transformation!

  • You're ready to discover your unique purpose and live with passion!

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This is the first EVER launch of Self Love = Success Group Coaching Program, and to celebrate we’re giving you a HUGE discount to say Thank You for being one of our very first members.

With a total value of £4,642

We’re launching this program for just £1,111!

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Or 4 x monthly instalments of £166!

Only 25 spaces available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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Launching October 1st 2019!

For your chance to sign up, click below to fill in your application form and book your free breakthrough call!


A message from your coach:

Hey, Beautiful Souls!

I’m Ashlie Lisanne Bramwell, and I’m a success and harmony coach for independent souls all over the world who are ready to own their own power and create a life of freedom, abundance, adventure and harmony.

That’s what I do anyway, it’s not who I am. The truth is I am many things, a traveller, a free spirit, a light in this word, a ray of sunshine, a foodie, a leader, a chatter box, a friend, a book worm, and ocean addict, a surf girl and an absolute goofball - to name a few.

But in reality I have one real passion….

To change the world.