Boring Blog Alert!!

Bali, Bali, Bali - you beauty. 

Just to clarify, this blog will get more interesting when I have more energy to write - I have still got the flu, and have a blocked ear, and I'm still settling in. So I can't wait to bring you more Bali posts, tips, food etc.... but for now, I give you this...

I feel I’ve neglected keeping this blog updated for the last few days due to how much I’ve been trying to wrap my head around things. But I’m getting there.

Lets briefly re-cap. After a gruelling 18 1/2 hour flight, various transfers and airport time in between, I finally arrived in Bali. Exhausted form lack of sleep and an allergic reaction.

I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little overwhelmed when arrive at my room - it’s great don’t get me wrong, and it’s beautiful, but I hadn’t anticipated how far off the main road it would be and I quickly felt uneasy. Luckily after a nice walk, being fed and have a 14 hour sleep, Bali seemed to appear a much better pace - my home stay included. 

In true Ashlie style, I haven’t struggled to connect with people - after all, chatting is what I’m known for - and I’ve actually met some pretty cool people and been to come fabulous places - all will follow in different posts.

I’ve also met with two other solo female travellers for lunch and have found myself talking with people who totally get it, they get me, and although I was definitely one of a kind back home, I fit right into the mould of digital nomads, travellers and free spirits. 

The roads are chaos, and for all my complaining about the pot holes in the UK, I’ll take that back for the simple safety of pavements and single file traffic. Here is all about scooters. I can almost hear my mum’s voice echoing in my ear “don’t get on a scooter”… Sorry Mum, but it has to be done. So much so I’m taking a couple of scooter lessons before renting on of my own. It’s the done thing over here and I’m all about following local culture after all!

The vibe is different too, the mellow attitude, laid back bars and friendly atmosphere leads you into a sense of ‘home’ very, very quickly. Canggu brings me harmony, and if there’s anything in my life I want it’s total harmony.

So, I most to a villa this weekend with two other girls, something Im really looking forward to for Both the social side and the safety, and I am SO ready to unpack. Backpack life is hard!

Other than exploring the local area, meeting new people and trying to rest up, I actually don’t ave too much to tell you just yet, but there’s plenty more to come I imagine! 

See you soon…