Ignore TLC... always chase the waterfalls - Ubud in a day.

So yesterday my friend Mimi and I hired a driver and took a trip to Ubud. The roads were as crazy as ever but the whole place was beautiful, exciting and full of things to experience. Our driver, Panjoel, was awesome, funny and knew exactly what we needed to get out of the trip. 

Driving through Ubud you see lots of art, and with both of us having a strong love for it, Panjoel took us to a gallery which was incredible to say the least. Unfortunately I forgot to take the name of it, and we weren't allowed to take photos inside, but it wouldn't have been right not to mention it and any of the artwork is definitely worth a stop. 

Our next stop was Monkey Forest and we were not disappointed. We paid our entry and were greated by some of the larger monkeys on entry. A quick warning for anyone wanting to travel to Monkey Forest - theres are workers at the entrance to the forest charging 20000rph to give you food and get the monkeys on your shoulders, if you wait and are patient with them then they will come to you naturally. Mimi and I were lucky enough to have a family play with us, the parents were trusting but stayed close and allowed their babies to tug on our bags, lay on our knees and try to steal things they shouldn't. I'm not an advocate of animal captivity, and you really know that the forest is theirs and you as a human are just guests. I loved every second of it. 


Our next stop was the Bali Luwak Coffee Plantation - I cant find a website for this but if anyone does please let me know! I've always wanted to do this swing, and although feeling very wobbly whilst in the air I felt liberated and free. There are several more on the island I'm really keen to try - but I'm not sure if they'll give you a free tea and coffee tasting after which was fabulous after a long morning and no caffeine in my system. And let's be honest, the pictures are extremely instagrammable if you're into that kind of thing :D

Last but not least we hit the Tegenungan Waterfall. Heading down to the waterfall is a lot more fun that taking the steps back up, but it's worth the quad workout to swim there. the water doesn't look the cleanest, but who cares when you get to swim at the bottom of a waterfall?! 

I loved the trip, and I definitely feel like there's lots more of Ubud to see - though Canggu is definitely more like home, I'll head to Ubud again and experience it a little better.

So for now... See you soon beautiful people