Beautiful Disaster - We Stand With Lombok

The world is a cruel, beautiful and crazy place. 

I recently set off Island hopping with the latest edition of my Bali tribe. As always, I like a little plan of where we’re going and for how long, where I can get wifi and how I connect with you all from this side of the world. 

Like most of the bigger events in my life, the universe didn’t care about my plan, she had bigger ideas. She had devastating and powerful plans that have had huge impact on the world around me and the soul inside. 

Our first night here we felt the outside tremors of the latest Earthquake disaster in Lombok, followed by aftershocks, cracks in our walls and tsunami warnings followed by panic to find out escape route to the highest point on the island and reading the news about the devastating results of this natural disaster. 

And I’m here, writing this post from the most beautiful views, with the most amazing souls sat with me and the reality hits that we are just a tiny dot in the grand scheme of things. It’s easy to feel insignificant, but if you share my beliefs that we are all one then we’re the most significant soul there is. 

Every thought, every action matters. We matter. And it’s easier than ever to see the effect we’re having on this planet. 

So here is my plea for you to do your part, look after yourself, look after others, and look after our world. Because we’re the lucky ones, and over 100 people in Indonesia don’t get this day that you do - wherever you are.

So make it count, make it matter and embrace each moment. 

Ashlie Lisanne xx (1).png